“We could not sit around on our backside any longer”
We are kids from the primary school ‘De Zevensprong” in the city of Leuven, Belgium. We are between 8 and 12 years old. And we are worried. Last week someone was allready stung by a mosquito. Someone else suffered her first hay fever attach, in February! It is supposed to be winter.

On tv and youtube we notice that many youth and also adults are very worried about the effect of climate change. But our governments seems to be deaf and blind for the mother of all problems: global warming.

When Greta Thunberg did het speeches during meetings of the leaders of the richest countries in the world, this gave us a lot inspiration at our school. When Anuna De Wever called upon youth to wake up the Ministers in Belgium, we would no longer sit around on our backside. After two major climate demonstrations in Brussels, we wanted that our voices would be heard as well.

First we wanted to join these weekly demonstrations in Brussels as well, but that turns out to be quite difficult. First of all Brussels is a very big city; our parents would be worried we would get lost.Secondly, we are not allowed to travel by train without adults joining us. Finally, the trains to Brussels for these demonstrations are totally overcrowded. That’s why we decided with our school to organize a local demonstration in Leuven, together with the other school. We were successful in bringing 3,500 primary school kids together at the main square in front of Leuven’s famous university library. We showed our self-made banners, wrote speeches and did interviews with the many journalists who had travelled to Leuven. Our demonstration was covered in the local and national tv news: our interviews appeared in almost every Belgian newspaper and on social media our pictures and videos were widely shared.

After this demonstration we asked ourselves: what can we do now for the climate? We realised very well it is not easy to continue to demonstrate every week. The Belgian Sign for my future-petition gave us an idea. The petition was launched early 2019 and received more than 100,000 signatures after a couple of weeks. Then Marian, a third grade girl in our school, came up with the idea to do something similar, but now specifically for primary school kids. Not only in Flanders or Belgium but in the whole world. The kids and teachers of our school agreed with this proposal.

Aren’t we too young to talk about these matters, as some people claim on social media and in several newspapers? No, we are not too young. We are smart enough to listen to scientists. Do we understand all technical details? No we don’t. But we do understand what really matters. That’s the difference between us and most politicians today. We understand we are close to the point of no return for climate change. Then we lose control over the climate system. A famous British biologist (Sir David Attenborough, note of the editors)even says this can be the beginning of the end for humanity.

We want to fight for a liveable future, for us as kids, and for the future generations. That’s why we want to start this petition and we call upon kids all over the world to come into action. With the help of their parents, kids can sign this petition theycan convince their teachers to start up climate actions in their local city of village. And they can call upon their governments to start performing effective climate policies.

Ilyas, Mare, Sep, Ella, Malaika, Kaat, Eko, Fee, Toon, Nina, Aran, Dora, Aldo,Ferre, Jaan, Pina, Marian, Laia, Mare, Uma Adam, Otis, Hannah, Elin, Sari, Lowie, Ooke, Alicia, Jolien, Jasmin, Stella, Eva, Pia, Flo, Roosje, Roos, Stan, Nicolas, Osaïd Liam, Marthe, Rinus, Dilges, Fadma, Sam, Arno, Bink, Lou, Jolien, Gitte, Jeta, Jarne,Elodie, Amber, Joschka, Eflin