“Action needs the support of many!”

We, the second and third grade children from De Zevensprong, agreed that it would be a grand idea to start up a petition from kids for kids.

Of course we cannot develop a website by ourselves. That’s why we asked Peter Helsen (IT expert), father of one of the 6th year kids (Pina) to do this for us.

We asked Peter Tom Jones, environmental scientist, and Vicky De Meyere, antropologist, and both authors of several book about climate change (father and mother of Marian and Liam of De Zevensprong), to check our texts to make sure they were scientifically correct.Peter Tom Jones also made the English translation of the original texts in Dutch.

Stijn Devillé (Director of Het nieuwstedelijk) was so kind to interview the three kids of the class who took the inititative to start up the petition. Stijn is a very engaged theatre play writer (who wrote the play “Hope”, about sustainability and climate change). He writes beautifully and as a father of four young kids he really understands why we need this petition.

We also asked Ewoud Monbaliu (father of Roos and Rinus of De Zevensprong) to help us, as he explained that kids younger than 13 years old are legally not allowed to sign on-line petitions. That is only possible with the help of their parents. Ewoud advised us on how to adapt our first ideas so that everything is fine from a legal point of view.

Anneleen Godemont helped us to develop a nice layout and logo. Furthermore, Anneleen is currently also working with us on several extra webpages that will be placed on-line in the near future (surprise!). Those pages will visualise what children are doing already to limit climate change. We will also invite parents all over the world to have more attention for a climte-friendlyway of life. Because we have listened very carefully to Greta Thunberg when she said that kids need to put their parents under pressure to move towards a low-carbon society.

Tijs Mallaerts (ITexpert) supported us further in the management of the servers that are needed to run this website.

Bart Schoofs (father of Pia from de Zevensprong) made a beautiful drawing which expresses are feelings of despair for the climate change that is coming.

Anna Selga Feixas (mother of Laia and Aina from De Zevensprong)and Leen Hellinckx were so kind to provide us with beautiful action photographs of several climate actions we joined.

Philippe Moreaux and Eva Smets (mother of Alexander and Lucas from de Zevensprong) volunteered to help spreading the petition. We also asked some other persons to translate our texts into French (Maryline Van Parys) and German (Uwe Dethier), so that we could go European and even global with this petition.

Finally, we want to thank our school coordinator Willem Vanausloos and our teachers: Frankie Weyns, Els Surmont, Annelies Holemans, Griet Mertens, Katleen Vereecken, Anneleen Lagrou, Floor Jacoby, Carine Vandenbroeck, Nancy Hamels and Stina De Roeck