Data & privacy

Why do we ask you to provide us your age and country. And what will we do with this information?

For each country we will be making a report with the results of the petition, which we will then give to your country’s government. We will speak about this petition to the media, but only in general terms. It’s quite useful then to know in which countries the petition was successful and which age groups are represented.

Why do we ask your parents’ email address?

Are you younger than 13 years? In that case the law subscribes that we need the consent of your parents (or guardian) to share your data and to sign this petition. By asking for their name and email address we can assume you asked for their permission. If you are older than 13 years, then you don’t need such permission. In that case you can sign other types of petitions, which are meant for older children and adults.

What will we do with the email address you provided?

This allows us to check if no false names were registered. Furthermore, we can send a newsletter to your email address so that you can stay up to date with the results and with future actions about halting climate change.

How do you stay in control with respect to the data you provide to us?

You can check, adapt or remove the data we keep of you. Send an email to In that case we request a copy of your parents’ ID card so that we can check who asked the question.

How safe are your data?

We promise that we will do everything which we possibly can to protect your data.

How long will we keep your data?

After 1 year we will make your data anonymous and after 2 years we will delete all data. We will not transfer your data to any third parties, such as companies. If the police or the court asks for these data, then we are legally enforced to pass on such data.

Which other type of data are we collecting?

Every time you visit an internet website, this website will put a small file on your device. These files are called cookies. Thanks to cookies we can see how many people have visited the site, which pages they visited, and how long they did so. It also helps to remember certain things, such as you language choice. And we can use cookies to know how you found our website. The cookies that you cannot adapt yourself and which we will use for the website, are: (1) technically required and functional to allow the website to work optimally and to make sure that videos and photographs can be viewed in high resolution; (2) analytically needed to know how you visited the website so that we can improve our actions. The data we collect through cookies remain anonymous. Permanent cookies can be removed at any time through the settings of your browser, (mobile) application or mobile device.

Who are we?

I am Peter Tom Jones, the father of Marian who started the petition.

Do you have other questions?

Please mail to